Rain Impacts Local Producers

Thursday, August 23, 2018
Monday afternoon's heavy rains further impacted producers in Clay County, leaving standing water such as this location along U.S. 62 between McDougal and Corning.
TD photo/Tim Blair

After suffering through drought conditions for much of the summer, recent heavy rains have had an impact on Clay County producers.

“Some areas of Clay County received over 11 inches for rain over the past two days,” noted Stewart Runsick, Extension Chair, Agriculture, on Friday. “Rice harvest began this week in Corning. The rain is inconvenient now because crops will be harvested in the mud.”

Runsick indicated the wet conditions will make things difficult in some areas, and near impossible in others.

“It makes things more difficult for loading trucks, transporting grain and the issue of rutting fields,” he added. “In the areas of Knob, Hargrave Corner, Holly Island and Rector several fields-or lower ends of fields, were completely under water.”

He observed that the heavy rain had not been wide-spread, and seemed to have the most affect on soybeans, corn and field fields.

“In response, farmers are trying to pump water off those fields as quickly as possible,” he added. “Right now the rain is delaying harvest by about a week or so.”

Runsick also indicated there are currently a number of corn and rice fields ready for harvest, but noted those producers are now waiting a few days to see if things will improve.

“Otherwise, irrigation is now complete on most crops as they're nearing maturity,” he concluded.

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