Regions Bank Closes Piggott Location

Thursday, August 23, 2018
Workers removed the Regions Bank sign Friday afternoon as the Piggott branch closed its doors.
TD photo/Tim Blair

Earlier this year, customers of the Regions Bank branch in Piggott were informed of its impending closure. In a letter dated April 20, the company announced the Piggott branch would be combined with the Paragould Midtown Branch, located at 1512 West Court in Paragould and would be closing on Aug. 17. On Friday the closure was carried out, as furnishings were removed and the sign taken down.

“At Regions we are continually evaluating our banking network to be sure we invest our resources where customers use them most. As a part of this effort, we have decided to combine the Piggott Branch with our Paragould Midtown Branch,” the letter explained. At the time, it indicated customers could begin to use the new branch immediately.

The letter also informed those with safe deposit boxes that the contents must be removed by Aug. 10, and offered customers a chance to move those items to the Paragould location. The customers were also offered one year of free safe deposit box rental for those choosing to make the move.

It apologized for any inconvenience and indicated those with questions should stop by the Paragould branch or call 1-800-592-1958.

In July of 2016, customers of the Regions Bank branch at Rector received a similar letter announcing the location would close by the end of October. Early in 2017 Piggott State Bank announced they would open a branch in the former Regions location at Rector, and has occupied the building since March of that year.

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