Former Mohawk Chase Inks with CRC to Play Golf

Thursday, August 30, 2018
Those on hand for Mazin Chase's signing with CRC were, from left: Front-Zachary Chase, Mazin Chase and Debi Chase. Back-Zach Perrin, Lucas Chase and Speedy Chase.
courtesy photo

Crowley's Ridge College hosted a special signing ceremony on Friday, Aug. 17, as Coach Zach Perrin and the Pioneer Golf Team gained a new member. During the ceremony Mazin Chase, of Piggott, signed to attend CRC and play golf for the program.

“Mazin is a hard-nose guy that loves to compete. When he says he's ready to dedicate himself to the team and to the game, I believe him,” Coach Perrin said. “He is a great investment for our program. Looking forward to having him and watching him develop."

“Friday was amazing, I felt at home with the teammates and coach,” Chase said of the experience. “It means the world to me to be able to be a part of this program at CRC, and to have the opportunity to play golf."

“Congratulations, Mazin and welcome to the Pioneer family,” Perrin surmised.

A former member of the PHS Mohawk golf program, Chase was accompanied by his father, Zachary Chase; his brother, Lucas Chase and his grandparents, Debi and Speedy Chase.

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