Public Forum Scheduled in Piggott

Thursday, September 6, 2018

With several local races to be decided in November, a public town hall forum has been scheduled for 6 p.m. on Monday, Oct. 1. The forum will be held at the Piggott Community Center and is open to all Piggott voters interested in taking part in the November General Election. The forum had been requested by a number of local residents, who seek to learn more about the candidates. The event organizers, and hosts for the evening, will be Fred Ort and Joe Cole, both of Piggott.

“All local candidates, including some County candidates will be invited to attend and will be invited to address the voters of Piggott as to the platform for which they are seeking office,” Ort noted. “The State Representative candidates will also be invited to attend. Due to time constraints, county constable candidates will not be included in the speaking program, but will be invited to attend and solicit their constituents.”

“Additionally, candidates will have the opportunity to set-up tables in order to provide campaign materials for their supporters and to answer specific questions that may not have been addressed during the forum,” Cole added. “Candidates in uncontested races will also be invited to address the public.”

“Municipal candidates, running in contested races, will be seated together on stage and will be given 10 minutes to address the public as to the issues that each believes is relevant to the fall general election,” Ort added.

“Piggott has not had an election in years that is as contested as this one,” Cole concluded. “The people of Piggott need to know the issues and meet the candidates in order to make informed decisions on how to cast their votes.”

Interested candidates must contact Ort at (870) 598-3916 or Cole at (901) 246-7647 to confirm their attendance and assure their opportunity to address the public at this public forum. The event will be free and the public is encouraged to attend.

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