Dowdy Named to Vacancy at Rector Council Meeting

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Gathering a day late due to the Labor Day Holiday, members of the Rector City Council met Tuesday, Sept. 4, and acted on several required items of business. The resolution which sets the millage rate Ad Valorem for property in the city was brought before the council and approved, with a motion by council member David Romine and a second by council member Iva Fahr. After discussion, council member Lark Sigsby made the motion to approve followed by a second from Iva Fahr. All council members agreed. The measure is required by law each fall, allowing the county to collect taxes within the city.

As discussed at the council meeting in August, those parties interested in filling the vacated West Oak Bluff position one vacated by Ryan Lawrence’s move from the city were asked to contact Mayor Theresa Roofe. In response, Anthony Dowdy made it known that he was interested in the position and is running for the seat unopposed in the upcoming General Election.

After a brief discussion, council agreed to allow Dowdy to fill the vacated seat until the November election, and the new term which would begin Jan. 1, 2019. Following the discussion, council accepted Sigsby’s motion to approve his petition with Fahr providing the second. Following a unanimous vote, Mayor Roofe made the appointment and then administered the oath of office to Dowdy allowing him to take his seat at the table.

Among those in the audience was Greg Castleman, who offered a question about property on Woodland Heights with a ditch shown on the survey. He said he had determined on the survey plat that it is marked as an alley and noted there have been questions about ownership. Mayor Roofe indicated the council would look into the issue.

Also in the audience was Billy Rudder with questions about a boundary dispute and an issue of city alleys. City Attorney Kimberly Dale explained that some issues must be solved without city involvement.

Reports from the various departments were given by city superintendent Todd Watson, including water department, code enforcement, street department and fire department.

He indicated 21 letters regarding property issues have been sent out and 10 building permits have been issued. Code enforcement is also in the process of reviewing houses with issues and will take the next appropriate steps.

Mayor Roofe brought the community center report saying the Ultimate Oldies Show brought a great crowd and a profit of $1,467.10, thanks to the event’s underwriting sponsors.

Police Chief Glenn Leach then gave the police report. Council members also asked the police department to review the city’s status on the dog biting problem.

During the updates, it was noted that the exercise class Zumba is still being conducted at the NEAITC building.

In concluding businesss, council member Fahr mentioned to the council a second time that some people have contacted her about various issues regarding four-wheelers. She also stated that some residents are not aware of the regulations regarding blowing grass clippings into the streets. She inquired if this is a violation the city can ticket and enforce.

Council member Romine observed that a post went out on social media during Labor Day which requested that no dogs be allowed in the Memorial Park for that one day. He indicated response was mixed.

Afterward, the meeting adjourned as council will next convene on Monday, Oct. 1, at city hall.

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