Local Schools Get Letter Grades From State

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Recently, the Arkansas Department of Education (ADE) released their Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) index and their Accountability At-A-Glance reports.

Of elementary schools in the state, 527 received a letter grade; 66 received an A, 157 received a B, 200 received a C, 72 received a D and 32 received an F. 202 middle level schools also received a letter grade, of which 41 received an A, 65 a B, 63 a C, 30 a D and 3 an F. And, there were 305 high schools that received letter grades; 45 were given an A, 91 were given a B, 117 a C, 43 a D and 9 an F. The ranking scale is as follows: 0.00-58.08-F, 58.09-64.97-D, 64.98-72.16-C, 72.17-79.25-B and 79.26 and above-A.

Piggott Elementary School and Rector Elementary School both received a C, ranking in the approximate 38 percent of elementary schools receiving this letter grade, each falling just short of the state average of 70.86.

Piggott High School and Rector High School both also received a C. This letter grade was among the estimated 38 percent of high schools. Both schools also failed by a thin margin to obtain the state average score of 66.28.

Piggott Elementary had an overall ESSA score of 68.16. Students' weighted achievement score was 62.69, just under the state average of 63.82, while their value-added growth score was 75.61, just shy of the 80.26 state average. The school quality and student success score was 56.07, exceeding the state average of 55.97.

Piggott High School achieved an overall ESSA score of 61.91. Their students' weighted achievement score was 40.71, with the state average being 49.4. The value-added growth score rested at 74.86, shy of the state average of 79.74 and student quality and student success score at 53.79, surpassing the state average of 52.4. They achieved a four-year graduation rate at 88.14, with the state average being 88.95, and a five-year graduation rate at 91.57, outdoing the state average of 89.47.

Rector Elementary received an overall ESSA score of 67.31. Students' weighted achievement scored at 59.41, with the state average being 63.82 and value-added growth scored at 76.17, while the state average stood at 80.26. While the state average for school quality and student success scored at 55.97, Rector exceeded that score, receiving a 56.22

An overall ESSA score of 65.11 was received by Rector High. Their weighted achievement score was 46.67, while state average was 49.4. The school quality and student success scored a 55.18, just under the state's average score of 52.4, and their value-added growth score was 77.89, with the average being 79.74. Rector's four-year graduation rate of 89.19 topped the state average score at 88.95, with their five-year graduation rate came in at 86.36, shy of the 89.47 state average.

In making the release, the ADE encourages students and parents, as well as others in the community, to educate themselves on their school's information and to keep in mind the needs for all students and how those needs may be accomplished.

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