Rector Community Museum to Dedicate Military Room

Thursday, October 25, 2018

The Rector Community Museum will dedicate its new military room with a special ceremony to be held at 10 a.m. on Monday, Nov. 12, which is being observed as Veterans Day for 2018. The museum steering committee is also working with Glen Sain Motors to be certain the traditional Veterans Celebration meal at Glen Sain locations in the region continues as usual. To avoid a conflict, the museumís morning activity will begin with a time for coffee and a few sweet treats at 9 a.m.

Danny Ford, owner of Glen Sain Motors, and recognized for his community service, and television ads and stories containing the tag line ďGod Bless our Troops,Ē will serve as MC for the brief program.

Guests are welcomed, and encouraged to visit and observe the continuing progress for the museumís new home at 310 Main Street--a large, historic property known as the Underwood building.

Marvin Gatewood, with the Rector Community Museum, dresses a mannequin for display with the uniform provided by the family of Darwin Cagle.
TD photo/Jane Gatewood

The museum, in cooperation with a special donor, has purchased mannequins for displaying armed forces uniforms from various eras of Americaís history. These uniforms have been donated by Rector community veteransí families. George Jerniganís U.S. Air Force uniform and George, Jr.ís bomber jacket and pants will be on display along with Darwin Cagleís U.S. Navy uniform. The McKeel family donated their fatherís 1940ís U.S. Army uniform and Cyndi Corkran donated Bob Cranfordís World War II hard helmet. Other uniforms, including one from the Benson family, will be displayed along with current donations from Terry Robertson, museum committee member.

As the museum continues the moving process, artifacts will be unpacked and shared. Included in the artifacts the museum maintains and will showcase are old World War II papers, pictures, ration books, service pins, medals and ribbons. Donations include objects from World War II through current items from Desert Storm and Afghanistan.

Planned for the program will be remarks by Jon Bradshaw, Glendel Beckley and others. All veterans, friends and family of veterans are invited to attend.

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