Piggott School Board Meets

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Members of the Piggott Schools Board of Education met in special session on Tuesday, Oct. 23, to address a variety of business items. With member Jennifer Rahn absent from the gathering, the board reviewed and made changes to the prom dress code; approved a stipend for the yearbook editor and reviewed policy concerning vacation days for some staff.

During the discussion, superintendent Barry DeHart explained that, in previous years, the teacher who worked on the yearbook received a sum of money because it is a year-long process, even working during the summer. He suggested paying the teacher a stipend of $1,500 for the year for their hard work. Furthermore, he updated the board about his conversation with the school’s lawyer regarding the district’s ability to eventually change a security resource officer’s salary. Unlike teachers, he noted the board would be able to discuss the salary next year and make any adjustments needed. A discussion followed regarding how equal the current resource officer’s salary is to the resource officer recently hired. DeHart explained to the board that, at this point, they are as equal as they can be and that they can always revisit the situation before the beginning of next year to make any adjustments possible.

Afterward, the board passed the classified salary schedule changes in a three-to-one vote with board member Hope Burns casting the dissenting ballot.

A revised junior/senior high prom dress code policy was also brought before the board. The changes include removing the section regarding dresses with or without mesh, the section regarding tennis shoes and a better explanation of how to send pictures of the dress for approval. DeHart noted those on the prom dress code committee will set up a way for students or parents to email them pictures, to which they will reply as soon as possible, knowing that those shopping cannot wait to hear back for long and also do not want to risk buying a dress that might not meet standards. The revised policy was unanimously approved.

Additionally, DeHart stated that Richard Smart continues to serve as long-term sub for the band director position, and was contracted to work until November. He recommended that the board extend his contract days until Christmas, adding 28 more days. The board unanimously approved this recommendation.

DeHart also mentioned a bill from Steve Champ for compression work done at the site of the safe room. The bill was for $19,555 and was to be paid out of bond proceeds. The board unanimously agreed to pay the bill.

Also, members unanimously agreed on a revised vacation policy. The only change made was to remove the section which explained the particulars of the ability to accumulate days. Under the new guidelines, those who earn vacation days must use all 10 within a year’s time. DeHart noted the change would only affect a handful of employees.

In addition, it was unanimously agreed upon by all members present to waive the reading of the minutes from the previous regular board meeting. They also voted to allow a grant request from Penny Toombs, allowing her to apply for a national board grant along with two other teachers which will cost the district no money.

Afterward, they voted to adjourn until their next regular meeting which is set for Monday, Nov. 5.

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