Piggott School Board Sets Graduation Date, Approves Bonuses

Thursday, November 8, 2018

During their regular meeting Monday evening, members of the Piggott School Board discussed the graduation date for the upcoming year. Superintendent Barry DeHart explained that Rector had set theirs for 2 p.m. on Sunday, May 19. he noted, the school's options were either May 5 or May 19, due to track, baseball and softball state tournaments and the state finals. The board briefly discussed the topic, and then unanimously approved of hosting graduation at 4 p.m. on the third Sunday in May until further notice.

Furthermore, the board discussed the annual bonuses for school employees. Similarly to last year, the board agreed on a $1,000 bonus to all employees with exception to interim band director Richard Smart, who has only worked one semester and will receive $500. Also excepted were the two resource officers, as the auditor is to get information regarding their bonuses and speak with DeHart. Like last year, each faculty member must have worked at least 30 days in order to receive his or her bonus. Bonuses are rewarded one per person, regardless of whether or not an employee has one or more contracts with the school. The board unanimously approved of these particulars and bonuses. Employees should receive their bonuses before Thanksgiving this year.

Additionally, the board unanimously approved the election of Chris Roberts as the delegate for the ASBA Conference and unanimously adopted a policy on the date of the annual school board election as they do each year.

In addition, the board unanimously approved the reading of minutes from previous meetings and the financial reports.

DeHart's superintendent updates included commending the band as they had gone to state the previous week, and a reminder for members that Zoom training is set for 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. on Nov. 15 and 29. He also commended the Special Olympics bowling team, as they received seven first places, six second places and five third places at state.

Additionally, DeHart commented on the school's ACT levels. In looking at district-versus-state, the school is identical with its scores in English, Science, and the composite score, while they are ahead in Reading and behind slightly in Mathematics. DeHart explained that the staff is trying to raise each individual and the composite score to at least 19.0, as that is the score a student must receive in order to avoid remedial courses. He noted mathematics is the only category in which it is lower than 19.0. In English, district score is 19.0 with state average at 19.1; Reading is 20.8 for district while state average is 19.7; Science's district score is 19.3 and state's is 19.7; the composite score for district and state are both 19.4; and Mathematics' district score is 18.0 while state's is 18.9.

After about an hour in executive session, the board reconvened but tabled any personnel matters until the next meeting.

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