Clay County Rescue Task Force Accepts Donation

Thursday, December 20, 2018
Those on hand for the check presentation to the Clay County Rescue Task Force, held Monday at Rector Downtown Drug, were from left: Shannon Haywood, Jeff Wolfenbarger and Keith Hill.
TD photo/Tim Blair

Members of the Clay County Rescue Task Force are currently raising funds for the purchase of a boat water jet drive to assist them in their work. On Monday, the effort benefited from a donation to the squad by the owners and staff of Rector Downtown Drug and Piggott Pharmacy. Accepting the check from Keith Hill and Shannon Haywood was Jeff Wolfenbarger, of the rescue task force.

“We're trying to raise enough funds to get a water jet drive for one of our boats, this donation will go toward that,” Wolfenbarger explained. “There are a lot of times that the water is too shallow for a regular outboard motor.”

He noted the need for a water jet style engine was very evident during the flooding in the western part of Clay County, which resulted in a number of water rescues.

“When we had to evacuate those people around Success we could have really used it,” he added.

During such low water evacuations, conditions often require that the boats be manually guided by rescue personnel walking alongside, a practice which is both time-consuming and dangerous to the squad members. Instead, the water jet drives are adaptable to all water levels and are not damaged by limbs and underwater debris, as is the issue with outboard motors.

In accepting the donation, Wolfenbarger offered thanks to Hill and Haywood for their support.

Those interested in the work of the Clay County Rescue Task Force, and those interested in donating toward the cause, may contact Wolfenbarger or any task force member.

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