Mohawk Weightlifting Team Wins PHS Invitational

Thursday, February 28, 2019
The members of the Mohawk weightlifting team who took part in the meet. Many are wearing medals, which signifies they were in the top three in their weight division.
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The Piggott Mohawk weightlifting team hosted their second annual invitational meet last week at PHS and took first place among the four schools competing. With a score of 216, the Mohawks edged the Doniphan Dons as they scored 154, the Malden Green Wave with 116 and the Kennett Indians with 88.

The teams competed in both the bench press and power clean in 10 weight divisions, with points awarded for each. On the day a number of Mohawk lifters placed in the top three in their weight division, helping to the win.

In the 0-123 pound division Brandon Seal took second in the bench with 125 and third in the power clean with 125. In the 124-132 division Kaden Reeves was third in the power clean with 135. It was a top-three sweep for the Tribe in the 133-148 pound division as Logan Ralph took first in the bench with 185, Sky Wright was second with 175 and Haden Emerson was third with 145. In the power clean Wright took first with 195, Ralph was second with 185 and Emerson was third with 175.

Multi-sport standout Gunner Shaw won both the bench and the power clean in the 149 to 165 pound division. With lifts of 245 and 255 to his credit, he took the win by 30 and 40 pounds over the second place lifters.

The Tribe also got a pair of thirds in the 166-181 pound weight division, with Trent Stevens bench pressing 225 while Michael Parker power cleaned 225. In the 182-198 weight division Kyler Smith won the bench press with 205 pounds while Angel Garcia was second with 165. Smith also took third in the power clean with 185.

Austin Crow was third in the bench press in the 242-259 pound weight division, lifting 205 pounds. Dalton James took first in the bench press in that weight division with a lift of 255 while Crow was second with 205 pounds to his credit.

And, Mohawk Kyson Conley took first place in the 260 pound and up class in the power clean with a lift of 285 pounds, a full 10 pounds more than the second place lifter from Malden.

“It was a really awesome event, and we really appreciate everyone that helped us put the meet on,” Mohawk strength and conditioning coach Shawn Hearn offered. “We really love hosting it.”

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