Sadie Hawkins Day Held at PHS

Thursday, March 7, 2019
This year's Sadie Hawkins Day event served as a fundraiser for PHS grad Cody Shaw (center) who continues to recover from severe brain injuries. During the assembly last week his father, Jim (left) and mother, Tami, offered their thanks to the community for its support in the months since the workplace incident in July.
TD photo/Tim Blair

Members of the Piggott High School chapter of the FCCLA hosted the annual Sadie Hawkins Day royalty ceremony Friday in the new gym. During the assembly this year's class beaus were announced along with the runner-up and king. Thanks to the efforts of the candidates and members, a $2,000 donation was made to the family of PHS grad Cody Shaw to assist with his continued recovery from serious injuries sustained last July. A portion of the proceeds also benefited the Hannah Blankenship Memorial Scholarship Fund, which benefits a Clay County student who intends to pursue a future in agribusiness.

During the assembly the candidates, and their escorts, were introduced by class. The top fundraiser was then recognized as the beau from their respective classes.

The candidate for the seventh grade were Keegan Scudder and Kaiden Scudder, with Kaiden earning the honor. He was escorted by Rylea Blascoe while Keegan's escort was Maddie VanderKooi.

Hunter Reeves and Will Vancil were the candidates for eighth grade, escorted by Anna Haley and Alissa Manor. Vancil was the winner and named eighth grade beau.

Evan Hartwell and Cameron Collier were the freshmen candidates, escorted by Callie Henson and Gracie Blascoe. Top fundraiser was Hartwell as he was named beau.

Levi Cook and Logan Ralph were the candidates for the sophomore class, with Mycah Blascoe and Hannah Speer as the escorts. Taking the win was Ralph, as he was named 10th grade beau.

Matthew Cheshire and Drake Featherston were the junior candidates, escorted by Carlie Vancil and Elise Gossett. Featherston was the top fundraiser for the juniors, as he was named beau.

Three seniors represented this year's 12th grade class, including Luke Boyd, Jacob Davis and Brandon Wellman. Their escorts were Shelby Howard, Carly Benbrook and Brandon Wellman. Taking honors as first beau was Boyd while Davis was named Sadie Hawkins Day King for 2019.

During the ceremony the top fundraisers were recognized, as Davis generated $323.52 for tops among the seniors. Earning honors as the top fundraiser overall was Evan Hartwell with $505.44 while Featherston was second with $419.09.

Following the check presentation to the Shaw family, they offered their thanks for the donation and the community support. “We have gotten so much support from this community and people, and you don't know how much it is appreciated, or how much it has meant to us,” noted Jim Shaw, Cody's father, as his voice choked with emotion. He also indicated the support on social media had played a big role in helping the family weather the months since Cody was injured, as he has undergone extensive treatment and rehabilitation.

“We appreciate this so much, this will help us do some things to get our house ready for Cody to be able to stay there,” his mother, Tami, added.

A graduate of PHS, Shaw was severely injured in a workplace incident in Hot Springs on July 9, of 2018. Due to brain injuries he spent a great deal of time in a coma before beginning the long process of recovery and rehabilitation, most recently at a facility in Houston, Tex.

The adviser for the Piggott High School chapter of the FCCLA is Sandra Little.

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