Rector Council Addresses Side-by-Side Permit Update

Thursday, April 4, 2019

The first agenda item the Rector City Council addressed at their regular meeting Monday night was the side-by-side registration permit update. With discussion involving the Mayor Teresa Roofe and law enforcement as well as city council members, the following determinations were made. The new stickers will be larger, reflective, yellow in color, expiration date displayed more prominently and sticker placement will be required to be on the rear of the side-by-side.

Kim Romine, city administrative assistant, will be sending renewal notices during the month of June since all stickers expire June 30. As new stickers have been sold, Romine has been pro-rating the $25 annual fee. Mayor Roofe has said multiple times, and reiterated at this week's council meeting, how pleased she is that the council was able to place this citizen request into an appropriate city ordinance. Rector Police Chief Glen Leach noted 75 permit stickers have been sold.

The Rector Water Department has faced barriers and hurdles in working on city street flooding issues. They continue to battle the situation due to some antiquated components whose repair and/or replacement parts are no longer available. Nine new water connections were made in the city and two services were disconnected.

It was reported two dogs were picked up, but dogs continue to run unleashed and unmonitored. Chief Leach told Council the kennel is full and it’s only a matter of time before the kennel population must be reduced.

The Rector Community Center hosted the Welcome Home, Vietnam Veterans celebration Saturday. Due to inclement weather, the entire program was relocated from the Veterans Park and Main Street to the Rector Community Center Crockett Multi-Purpose Room. In addition to the celebration, the RHS Band performance, entertainment and program coordinated by Joey Pruett and his committee, Gregg Sain and others from First United Methodist Church along with John 3:16 Ministries cooked fish and served veterans and all attendees for the program. “We are so fortunate,” said Mayor Roofe, “to have a facility that easily accommodates such a wonderful event and large crowd.”

The Fire Department had a routine month, noted Chief Hutie Bowden with 12 calls, six county/six city, three of which were first responder calls. Chief Leach reported one city accident and 12 court cases resulting in $3395.17 in fines and fees collected.

In other business, the mayor stated she’d seen reports suggesting early mosquito arrival and with so much standing water, she will instruct City Superintendent Todd Watson to initiate the mosquito spraying routine.

Council member Lark Sigsby asked about a possible city nuisance ordinance which might fall under the current city noise ordinance. Chief Leach stated that with better weather, law enforcement receives many calls for especially loud music, people working on cars late into the night and revving the engines in such a manner as to be a disturbance.

Chief Leach also noted that this is the time for yard letters to be issued as mowing keeps mosquitoes at bay and makes the city safer.

Council member David Romine asked the mayor if further word had been heard from the railroad as the Sykes Road crossing is deteriorating rapidly. Mayor Roofe reminded Council the new crossing arms have been promised since 2016 and further stated she’d had contact with the railroad personnel and will contact them again.

Romine addressed another topic regarding the box culvert on 5th Street and the bridge and drainage along Pine and 4th Streets. Having addressed this issue several years ago, conflicting information was provided from the Arkansas State Highway Department. Council members noted determinations had been made that the property owner is responsible for the maintenance of the ditch which continues to deteriorate. The situation in question regarding 5th street is its designation either as a highway or a city street.

“Regardless, the situation with its poor condition is going to arise for the city soon,” advised Romine.

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