Piggott City Council Meets Amid Virus Concerns

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Members of the Piggott City Council met in special session during the noon hour Monday with a lone item for consideration. The gathering had been called to consider an ordinance which would authorize the naming of a public health officer for the city, and the accompanying emergency clause.

With all members in attendance, along with key staff, the meeting was called to order by Mayor Travis Williams. Turning to the ordinance, Williams explained that all cities have the right to appoint such a representative, who would take the lead in providing information to the community, the Arkansas Department of Health and the media. He noted Piggott native Dr. Randy McComb had agreed to assume the duties.

The ordinance was introduced, with the council waiving the stipulation it be read on three separate occasions, and approved without dissent. Council members also approved the emergency clause on a vote of 4-0, allowing the measure to be in full effect upon passage.

Afterward, Williams offered a brief update on measures the city has taken to address the current COVID-19 pandemic. He indicated personnel had been moved to other locations in an effort to separate them, and he noted the closings of city hall, the community center and city parks.

“Closing Heritage Park was a tough choice, I know a lot of people go out there to walk and such,” he offered. “But, taking into account the public restrooms and playground we felt it needed to be done.”

Council member Tracy Cole also encouraged the members, all of which are involved in locally-owned businesses, to make an effort to support the Piggott business community during the pandemic—a sentiment echoed by the mayor and other members.

Prior to adjourning, Williams also noted he was unsure when the next regular meeting would be held and encouraged the council members to maintain communications.

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