Polling Sites Reduced for General Election in Clay County

Thursday, August 27, 2020

In light of the continuing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the safety of poll workers, the Clay County election commissioners voted at their recent meeting to reduce the number of polling places for the upcoming General Election. Under the plan, early voting will only be conducted at the community centers in Piggott and Corning. They also voted to reduce the polling sites for the General Election to three, although voters from throughout the county may cast their ballots at any of the locations they choose.

“After much consideration and discussion with other county officials, the Clay County Board of Election Commissioners has voted to change voting locations for the Nov. 3, 2020 General Election. This decision was made to try and conform in the best way possible to the guidelines available in the current health environment,” a news release from the commission indicated.

“Consideration was given to the protection of poll workers and voters, along with the ability to social distance,” they offered of the situation. “Other factors considered were the need to keep equipment sanitized and assure that all security procedures could be maintained.”

Several years ago the county switched to polling centers, allowing voters from across the county to visit any of the locales they chose. This system will also be in place, although the number of sites has been reduced.

“The following locations will be vote centers capable of recording votes for any precinct within the county. Early voting will be held at the Corning Community Center (M.B. Ainley) and the Piggott Community Center for all legally required times for polls to be open,” the release explained. “Times will be posted. There will be no early voting at either courthouse in Clay County for this election.”

The number of sites for election day are also limited to three, with polling at three community centers.

“Election Day sites will be located at the Piggott Community Center, the Corning Community Center (M.B. Ainley), and the Rector Community Center for the normal voting times. No other polling sites will be opened for this cycle,” the release offered. “We thank our voters for their understanding in these challenging times.”

According to Clay County Clerk Pat Poole, the deadline for registering to vote in the upcoming General Election is Monday, Oct. 5. She indicated those wanting information concerning their voter registration may contact her office at 870 598-2813. Those wanting additional information on the changes approved by the election commissioners may contact Clay County Election Coordinator Karen Cagle at 870 240-3295.

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