County Sees Increase in Virus Positivity Rates

Thursday, September 3, 2020

The Arkansas Department of Health reports the number of cases of COVID-19 in Clay County continues to climb, and the county recorded its sixth virus related death late last week. Later, they updated the numbers and took the sixth death off the roles, although the positivity rate continues to climb.

According to the ADH, the number of positive cases climbed from 164 to 185 from Tuesday of last week until this Thursday morning, with 31 still active. The figures indicated some 149 have recovered, 3,031 negative test results have been returned and the death toll stands at five.

Statewide on Thursday, the total number of cases was 62,112—which was up about 5,000 over a seven day period. Of those, 5,010 were active, and the death toll climbed from 696 to 841 in the past week. There have been 56,261 who have recovered.

The ADH, working with the Arkansas Center of Health Improvement, are also providing additional figures for the state's residents. New maps on the ACHI website break-down the number of positive cases by county, community, zip code and school district. It gives an overview of positive cases per 10,000 residents, allowing citizens the chance to see how they are being impacted at the local level.

According to the ACHI on Monday, Piggott had recorded 47 positive cases—which is .95 percentile of the population. Meanwhile, Rector was at 48, amounting to 1.24 percent; Marmaduke had 52 cases which equated to 1.27 percent while Corning had 56 and stood at 1.23 percent of the population. School districts were also rated, with Rector coming in at 0-9 cases; Piggott and Marmaduke were both in the 10-19 range and Corning was ranked at 20-29 cases.

All of the break-downs are updated twice a week and are available on the ACHI website at

The state also reports the 14-day moving average of positivity indicates Clay County has climbed to 11.3 percent, well above the 10 percent threshold of concern. By comparison, Greene County's rate grew from 7.2 to 8.5 percent testing positive.

Despite mixed messages from the CDC concerning testing, Arkansas officials are still urging all those who have come in contact with a person who has tested positive, or later tested positive, to be tested. They're also instructed to quarantine for 14 days, whether they get a negative test result or not, to help stem the spread of the virus.

Testing is being conducted at the Clay County Health Units, and at the Piggott Community Hospital COVID-19 testing clinic, located at the clinic in Rector. The Clay County Health Unit in Piggott may be reached by calling 870 598-3390 and the Rector Clinic may be reached by calling 870 595-3596.

The state and county figures are updated daily, and may be found on the ADH website at

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