Visitation Suspended at Piggott Community Hospital

Thursday, November 12, 2020

Piggott Community Hospital announced on Monday they were suspending visitation to the facility once-again, due to an increase in virus cases in the area.

The hospital announced the suspension of all visitation, instructing those wanting updates to wait in their cars after leaving a contact number with the screener on duty. Patient updates from the emergency department may be obtained by calling 870 598-3881, Ext. 1306; outpatient updates may be accessed at 870 598-3881, Ext. 1391 and admitted patient updates are available by calling 870 598-3881, Ext. 1300. Under the new guidelines, only one parent is allowed to enter the facility with a patient under 18, and it was noted any special circumstances will be decided by the healthcare provider.

The new guidelines officially went into effect as of Monday, Nov. 9.

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