Letter to the Editor

Ascolese clarifies Humane Society situation

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

To the Editor:

Each day members of the Clay County Humane Society are receiving numerous calls to report stray animals in danger and to request help reporting abuse. We are being asked to pick up animals and to assist in legal issues. We regret that we cannot help with these situations at this time.

The sheriff and police departments are giving our number knowing that we are not an operating facility. The county and many cities have not set provisions to care for these animals and these situations. That is why we are forming and trying to get support and help to get it done.

If you live in city limits, check to see if your city has an animal control. If you are in the country areas in the county, you have no one to help. Please write the letters and make the calls to your city and county officials. We are trying to get a facility open that would give kind people a place to bring strays for adoption and care, but until that time, we as citizens and taxpayers have nothing.

Rebecca Ascolese

Clay County Humane Society